Michael Harvey | Earth4Energy Review – The Professor’s Take

Reviewer: Mike R
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Website Reviewed: Earth4Enery – DIY Solar Guide

Is the Earth4Energy manual and system a SCAM as some are saying? Can the system really teach you how to build your own solar panels and wind turbines for a few measly bucks, as opposed to having it setup by professionals from $8,000+? See what this University Prof had to say in her Earth4Energy Review- She used it as an experiment with her students and these are her thoughts and experiences.

“The earth4energy system is a very comprehensive and well designed site for the people who are seeking to learn doable DIY projects on harnessing the solar and wind energy in abundance on the earth. The author of the earth for energy system is passionate and dedicated to his cause. He is a hands-on enthusiast of what he offers here. The site informs the people about the benefits of opting for these renewable energy sources like freedom from electricity bills, benefits to the environment and last but not least offers a method of earning $$ off your free energy system! The system is very informative with “did you know facts” as well as informative videos embedded to give you the complete and convincing explanation on why you should opt for clean energy.

The beauty of buying the earth4energy do-it-you-self guide is that it comes in six parts, which are very thorough in their explanation and all the background information about wind and solar energy. They get you into the basics, giving you complete references and information until you understand the history, the chemistry, the physics and the origins of these wonderful gadgets or setups which can give you freedom from your energy needs and bills. After you have understood the basics of the elements of making a solar panel, Michael Harvey’s work takes you the next level, i.e., of making solar panels! The instructions are very clear and concise. I was so inspired that I have given this as an assignment to do to my A-level students at school!

I am doing the project with the O-level students as well in our school workshop. My students are an enthusiastic bunch, and when it came to a prospect of creating something they were excited, especially a DIY solar panel! As I said the instructions were so clear that I had only to oversee the students as they assembled their very first solar panel by themselves in a matter of hours. There are picture detailed diagrams which painstakingly guide every joining of every wire and hole to drill, and leave nothing to imagination!

You will not have doubts but if you do, most of them are taken care of in the FAQs and if this exhaustive work does not answer your question, you have the contact link on the site which will take you to the mail page where you can place your query and it will be answered promptly. One of the features which enthused my students was that they could make their own fully functional solar panel in a day and within a hundred dollar budget. Earth4energy also offers a solar calculator which allows you to calculate your energy requirements and build your solar panel array accordingly: After all, we are serious about getting off the grid. The complete guide also instructs you on how to mount your solar panels in a professional manner.

For the people in the United States the further benefit is that Michael Harvey has taken pains to collate all the necessary forms to claim rebate and tax credits from the government. As we are dealing with something hazardous as direct current, Michael has offered electric wiring plans to make your system hazard free. I repeat: The videos through the 6 parts are very clear and educative about how do make the parts, handle the solar panels and much more. There was a make a wind turbine kit as a gift for the people who bought the solar panel do it yourself guide.

It includes the panes, motor and other hardware required to make your own wind turbine. The do it yourself guide for the wind turbines too was as comprehensive with pictures and diagrams to explain every step of the way. The students have finished their first solar panel, each one excited about beginning their own projects for their homes! The one we made at school lights the compound lights which come on at night and helps our school night guard.

Before, we were on the national grid consuming precious electricity all night. To keep learning more about the harnessing solar energy better Michael Harvey has put together an amazing set of videos which help you gain a deeper insight into solar energy. The videos reflect a deep level of interest, dedication and research on Michael’s part. I would recommend reading the DIY guides again and again and watch the videos too, because I have done it over 6 times and each time I have understood something more about Solar Energy and Wind energy harnessing.”


You have learned here in this Earth4Energy Review that students can build their own free energy generators, in an attempt to get off the grid for good and start getting paid by the energy companies, while working in harmony with nature, in just a couple of short hours!

I’ll say it again: this Earth4Energy review should have you convinced that with a few hundred bucks, and a couple of hours time, SO CAN YOU!!!